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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Welcome to The Insider!

First I will introduce myself; my name is Kelly and I have been lucky enough to be involved with Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences for about 2 ½ years now.

We have called this website The Insider because we want to give you some inside information on not only this project, but help you discover some of the other cool places that are within walking distance downtown .

Those of us that are fortunate enough to call this city home know the many reasons why we love it here. Now it is time to share those reasons. On this blog I hope to introduce you to some great places and people that help brighten downtown Denver. Great places to shop, great places to eat and great people that you should know.

The first place I am going to tell you about is the Denver Community Museum. It is a “pop-up” museum of sorts that features art from the community. Every month they give the community a challenge. This month the challenge is called “Bottled Up”. Fill up a jar with your memories of the people and places from your life and drop off March 6th or 7th and you just may be on exhibit! Check out their website at denvercommunitymuseum.org or just go see it! They are open Thursday 2-7 and Friday and Saturday 12-5 and they are located at 1610 Little Raven St. Suite 120.

Go check it out, they will only be there for another 2 months!

If you have found someplace great Downtown tell us about it! I will check it out and maybe write about it in the future!


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